Committed and Reliable partners

ReLogic has strong strategic partnerships to address critical capabilities that provide our customers confidence in a diverse range of supply chain requirements.  These include:



While ReLogic specializes in laser scanning, reverse engineering, and manufacturing of specialty parts, we are also partnered with a national leader in the manufacturing of a broader range of parts, from additively-manufactured aircraft components to circuit cards and entire line replaceable units (LRU).

Replacement and Spare Parts.

For complete supply chain solutions, ReLogic Research is exclusively partnered with an award-winning, national leader, fully integrated supply chain partner.  For spare parts requirements crossing land systems, rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, and maritime systems, our partner has decades of experience with blanket purchase agreements, sourcing and procuring, counterfeit avoidance, and shipping.

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ReLogic Research is committed to providing aircraft defensive countermeasures solutions to support the Warfighter. We can provide our customers a range of infrared flares, RF chaff countermeasures, and associated expendables which we procure exclusively through the premier US manufacturer and international leader in the industry. As part of a concierge service to our customers, we advise our customers regarding the most current models, availability, and lead times.