The defense and aerospace sector consists of vehicles and tools which are used for defense and force projection around the globe. Whether you’re planning the development of a new helicopter, aerospace fitting, satellite, airplane, or unmanned aerial vehicle, you’ll benefit from the services provided by ReLogic Research.

Understanding the Defense & Aerospace Sector

Due to the nature of this industry, the supply chains will often require numerous regulations and certifications. Examples of this include compliance concerning specialty metals, the production of firearm parts, and cyber security tools, especially those which involve IT data and organizational communication infrastructure.

Generally, the U.S. has a policy of denying approvals and licenses for the import or export of articles related to defense, especially if the destination is a country which the American Secretary of State deemed prohibited within the ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations. This is why it is important to work with a firm that is certified and compliant, and ReLogic Research meets all the mandated criteria.

Benefits of Defense Services for the Defense & Aerospace Sector

The stringent requirements which are mandatory for the supply chain and OEM partners are designed to maintain national security as well as the dependability and safety of the entire defense and aerospace industry. Additionally, service companies play a key role in providing support for the federal government and defense enterprises. They assist in maintaining the readiness of the military while providing support for NOAA and NASA missions while ensuring the safety of air transport.

ReLogic Research has expanded its portfolio of services, including data analytics along with strategic consulting and combining it with classical services such as engineering, testing, and information technology. It is estimated that about fifty percent of the Defense Department's contractual spending is applied to defense services.

Benefits of Commercial Services for the Defense & Aerospace Sector

The GAO, or General Accounting Office recognized long ago that commercial services are capable of providing expertise that agencies otherwise wouldn’t be able to procure or afford. This is because commercial services keep agencies abreast of multiple fields and the latest developments which are occurring in them while providing viewpoints from experts who have varying perspectives.

It is logical for the federal government to utilize private sector firms to craft solutions for design challenges while managing the associated complexity, and the same principle may be applied to major aerospace firms or defense contractors who have a global reach, particularly when it comes to space and air transportation.

Why Should the Defense & Aerospace Sector Work with ReLogic Research?

We produce tremendous value for our aerospace clients while infusing services with a higher innovation level. We employ a diverse background of professionals who hail from multiple scientific and technical disciplines which enhances our ability to offer tailored solutions which are designed to seize value while boosting efficiency throughout the life cycle of a product, irrespective of its manufacture.

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