Hypersonics & Aerothermal Technology Development

Hypersonic vehicles and airplanes provide a new level of travel where transit time is drastically reduced. This has implications on the defense industry as new missiles and airplanes can travel at hypersonic speed. With the advancement of hypersonic vehicles and airplanes, it’s essential for defense companies and aerospace companies to go deeper into the development of hypersonic and aerothermal technology.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Hypersonics & Aerothermal Technology Development?

Aerospace and defense companies need hypersonic and aerothermal technology development to stay on the top of the game. Hypersonic vehicles must have high endurance to extreme exposure during flight. Also, aerothermal technology development will influence flight trajectory and performance.

Our Areas of Expertise in Hypersonics & Aerothermal Technology Development

  • Hypersonic Thermal Protection System Design: Hypersonic cruise vehicles require thermal protection systems and hot structures to ensure they can enter in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. A combination of design and materials is necessary to ensure the thermal protection systems are robust enough to support hypersonic flight. This is because hypersonic flights often require materials to withstand high temperatures.
  • Advanced Nosetip, Aceage, and Leading Edge Material Design: Advanced nosetip, aceage and leading-edge material design ensures that your airplanes and defense airplanes are well-modelled and designed based on cutting-edge materials. We provide all of these to meet your business needs.
  • Thermo-Structural Ground Testing: We provide thermo-structural ground testing. The review of thermo-structural behavior is essential to the hypersonic vehicle’s nosecap under aerothermodynamic loads. Noting the heat transfer’s chemical nonequilibrium, flow field, and deformation of the structure, we can establish a fluid-thermal-structural coupling model of the typical nose cap.
  • Hypersonic Flow Field Modeling And Simulation: We provide consistent hypersonic flow modelling under realistic flight simulations. Changes in vibrational excitation, atmospheric conditions, ablation products, chemical reactions, and gas-surface interactions further complicate accurate modelling of flow fields.
  • Full Scale Prototype Fabrication: We provide full scale prototype fabrication services to ensure your business needs are met.
  • Hypersonic Flight Test Vehicle Assembly And Test Execution: We provide services to assemble and test your hypersonic flight test vehicles to ensure they are up and running well.
  • Advanced Seeker Window Testing And Integration: We offer services for advanced seeker window testing and integration.
  • Weather Encounter Survivability: We provide services to ensure your airplanes can survive different weather encounters.

Why should You work with ReLogic Research’s Hypersonics & Aerothermal Technology Development Specialists?

ReLogic is a positively reviewed company, having provided engineering services to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation and Missile Center Metrology Lab in 2017. Through our expertise and deep understanding of the defense industry, we help defense agencies to lower costs and increase efficiency. We have many renown customers that use our services, such as the Apache Project Office, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and so on. With many positive reviews from these customers, we are confident of providing the same top-notch service to ensure your agency’s needs are met.

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