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What exactly is additive manufacturing? Not many people know that this term is often used interchangeably with 3D Printing. In recent years, additive manufacturing has grown in its usage, regardless of whether it is used for industrial purposes. With the rapid technological advancements and digitization of industries, additive manufacturing has broadened our manufacturing capabilities and revolutionized the way things are made.

Additive manufacturing utilizes 3D scanners in order to control the hardware and to layer material with great precision. The word ‘additive’ further signals that the process involves adding more and more material to manufacture an object. Unlike traditional methods of manufacturing, which typically removes material in the process, additive manufacturing does the opposite.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Advanced Manufacturing Development?

Although there are many different industries that can benefit from additive manufacturing, this is especially evident for aerospace and defense companies. This is because these companies have applications that span across industrial, military, and commercial functions. As such, there are departments that specialize on manufacturing and maintaining hardware. Being one of the pioneers of 3D printing usage, the airline industry has shown that additive printing is undeniably useful in manufacturing end-use products, as well as prototypes. Furthermore, additive manufacturing can help these companies to lessen the impact of supply chain constraints and wastage, allowing for greater productivity and efficiency.

Our Areas of Expertise in Additive Manufacturing

  • Metal Powder-Bed Product Development: This is an additive manufacturing method that fuses metal powder material with a high-powered source of energy, such as an electron beam. This is a common technique that is used for industrial 3D printing applications and is compatible with both polymers and metals.
  • Reinforced Composites AM Technology: Additive manufacturing has been improving swiftly over the last few decades. As such, we now can fabricate complex, and fully customizable geometric composites without much hassle. This has also allowed for manufacturing of a variety of materials that traditional methods cannot match.
  • Materials Development and Characterization: Here at ReLogic Research, we have laboratories with the most advanced and efficient facilities to aid in materials development. Through these processes, we can better understand the utilization of more complex materials, analyze, fabricate, and certify new products to enhance the databases in relevant industries, and so on…

Why should You work with ReLogic Research’s Additive Manufacturing Specialists?

If you are looking for additive manufacturing professionals who are experts in their field to help add value to your aerospace or defense company, look no further than ReLogic Research. Our close-knit team consists of a group of vibrant and diverse individuals who are constantly looking to innovate in areas such as aircraft weight savings, weapons development, and the testing of different hypersonic materials. At ReLogic, we focus on creating a conducive setting that encourages the facing of difficult problems head-on. We also truly believe that with the right mindset and the right people with proper experiences, there are no limits that cannot be surpassed when it comes to technology. 

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