Programmatic Support

Programmatic support relates to additional assistance with relation to computer programs and software. Our team of advanced technical staff who have decades of experience has an arsenal of different forms of technology and solutions to provide the best solution for your project and production processes.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Programmatic Support?

When it comes to the aerospace and defense industries, it is crucial that there are minimal disruptions with regard to project development and timelines. This is best mitigated by having a strong support system that is able to immediately address and resolve any disruption or vulnerabilities.

Our Areas of Expertise in Programmatic Support

  • Budget Development and Execution: When it comes to projects, one of the most crucial elements in the budget. We offer budget development and execution services to help with adjusting, monitoring the financial plans and estimates for the project. This leverages our expertise with different processes and manufacturing techniques where we are able to engage alternatives and more cost-efficient methods to lower overall costs.
  • Project Management: Our expertise in project management helps ensure that all your project objectives are met within the established financial and timing constraints. This act of leadership is done with years of specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques to deliver value-added service. By working with us for project management, your staff can rest assured that everything will be clearly communicated and accounted for.
  • Report Generation: Our report generation services utilize a reliable process where we extract relevant data from databases before exporting and organizing them into reports. In particular, we offer different forms of reporting like written and graphic reporting in order to present the data in an easily digestible format to facilitate decisions. This means that your agency will no longer have to deal with repetitive report generation, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.
  • Process Improvement: Processes are the heart of any business – whether it is in production, workflow, or project management. In some cases, automation is key to optimizing an agency’s efficiency. In other cases, it requires proactive involvement where objective individuals are able to identify, evaluate and improve upon business processes.
  • Property Accounting and Tracking: Property accounting and tracking refer to the management of assets, expenses, and income. Especially in terms of aerospace and defense agencies where there can be sensitive material, it is important that everything is well accounted for and managed.
  • Risk Mitigation: Ultimately, there is no project that comes without risks. However, with comprehensive forecasting and tracking, it is possible to minimize the chances of any disruption or defects in terms of project deliverables.

Why should You work with ReLogic Research’s Programmatic Support Specialists?

When you choose to work with ReLogic Research’s programmatic support specialists, you are choosing to commit to quality solutions even for the hardest challenges. We highly value different forms of diversity within our teams, ensuring that our staff has varying skill sets, backgrounds, and certifications in order to provide well-substantiated and holistic resolutions.

For more information about our programmatic support solutions, you can call us at 256-713-7401 or fill out this online form.