3D Scanning Services

3D scanning services are critical in the consultancy, diagnostics, and design capture of parts. These solutions work by sending an infrared laser beam into a mirror which rotates and deflects the laser beam around the environment and object being scanned.

Afterward, these reflected images are transferred as a set of data points in space and developed into a 3D model. 3D scanning is used by numerous manufacturing and industrial companies as it provides a seamless, precise, and rapid documentation of the current status of any structure and construction. It can also be used to design and develop various products and structures.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need 3D Scanning Services?

Aerospace companies are involved in the building, selling, designing, and maintenance of aircraft. Defense companies or contractors, on the other hand, provide services or products to the intelligence or military department of the government. This could range from weaponry and electronic systems to logistics and technical support. Regardless of their difference in purpose, both aerospace and defense companies are high technology industries.

3D scanning services allow for quicker maintenance and repair for aircraft and products of both aerospace and defense companies. 3D scanning services also optimize precision, accuracy, and quality without sacrificing time. By using 3D scanning services, aerospace and defense companies can benefit through faster product development cycles, design optimization, and reverse engineering. This would not just translate to cost savings, but also better-quality products with a faster return to service and market.

Our Areas of Expertise in 3D Scanning Services

  • Manufacturing Support: We can create prototypes and optimize products at a full rate through leveraging 3D scanning services. We are also able to generate twin digital products and integrate complex vehicle systems via component placement techniques and live assembly.
  • Optical Metrology Services: Our 3D scanning and inspection services adhere to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard Y14.5. We are also able to develop inspection protocols for a hypersonic weapons system and characterize and detect any surface defects or roughness.
  • Automation: Our automation services provide automated feedback and in-process measurement, along with material handling. We also leverage 3D scanning services to integrate our manufacturing processes, develop NDE technology and adaptive software.

Why Should You Work with ReLogic Research’s 3D Scanning Specialists?

ReLogic Research’s 3D Scanning Specialists are industry experts and we utilize our services to specially suit your business needs and provide the most accurate and efficient solutions for your product.

We have numerous competencies in advanced manufacturing and advanced manufacturing applications and are committed to investing resources, research, and development to ensure that we can provide on-time and affordable solutions for your business.

Our 3D scanning services specialists support numerous Department of Defense Customers such as the army, air force and navy and have numerous capabilities such as supporting data systems and testing of hypersonic materials. Our 3D scanning services specialists can provide your company with superior products through advanced methods and next-generation materials.

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Commercial Reverse Engineering Services

Clients that require the reproduction of an existing component or product for the purpose of manufacture will benefit from the commercial reverse engineering services we provide. Our team can reproduce existing designs by utilizing three-dimensional scanning equipment and classical measuring tools.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies Need Commercial Reverse Engineering Services?

Reverse engineering provides a number of benefits. Once a product has been disassembled to determine how its individual components work, organizations will have the advantage of:

  • Identifying product vulnerabilities: No product is perfect and will manifest vulnerabilities. Reverse engineering is designed to find them which will guarantee the safety of end users while allowing for improvements.
  • Producing a dependable CAD model: The majority of reverse engineer methods involve a CAD file which can be used for future reference. This file is structured in such a way where the product can be digitally examined on multiple platforms.
  • Design exploration: Reverse engineering empowers organizations to see beneath a product’s surface, to understand the structures, processes and components which allow it to function, which can lead to further discovery and innovation.
  • Manufacturing cost reduction: Once a product has been successfully reverse engineered, manufacturers can come up with new and lower cost ways to bring these products to market while increasing their return on investment.
    In addition to the benefits listed above, it isn’t unusual for engineers to identify subsystems that can be utilized for projects which are totally separate, and they can also reconstruct products which would normally be considered obsolete.

Our Areas of Expertise in Commercial Reverse Engineering Services

  • Parametric Modeling: This form of modeling consists of a 3D CAD approach where you can capture the design intent through the utilization of constraints and features. This allows repetitive changes to be automated which are useful for product parts which belong to the same family.
  • Technical Data Packages: Technical Data Packages, or TDP, consist of manufacturing and technical design data which is required for enabling the production of a product component modification, and to allow the performance for specific manufacturing and maintenance processes.
  • Obsolescence Management: Obsolescence entails a scenario where equipment becomes dated or is no longer very useful, and obsolescence management will address it in a manner which can extend service life beyond the original life cycle which was envisioned for its design. Program managers are typically responsible for managing obsolescence and must plan ahead to ensure that components and updated technology can be used to replace it.

Why should You work with ReLogic Research’s Commercial Reverse Engineering Specialists?

Our organization was established to help clients find refined and inventive solutions to challenging engineering problems. We employ a team which is diverse from many different backgrounds that manifest multiple skillsets. This results in an organization that can quickly develop holistic and balanced solutions to the most demanding programmatic or technical challenges. ReLogic is dedicated and passionate about the work we do and it shows in the results.

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