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Advanced Technology Development

Advanced manufacturing involves the usage of technology to create better, more specialized products and processes. As a cutting-edge method, advanced manufacturing allows companies to remain competitive by improving efficiency and performance in terms of product design and production. As a broad term, advanced manufacturing includes production activities that involve automation, information, computation, sensing, software, and networking. In fact, it is crucial in multiple industries, including robotics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, transportation, air structures, consumer products, and the energy sector.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Advanced Manufacturing Development?

Advanced manufacturing allows aerospace and defense companies to create complex products with precise design specifications, which is difficult to achieve with traditional manufacturing. Its flexibility ensures that the products created with the latest technology can reliably solve a host of problems, while remaining affordable and accessible.
Advanced manufacturing uses high-performance computing, high precision technologies, and other types of computer technologies to ensure rapid prototyping, intelligent production systems, and more. Through these processes, advanced manufacturing will help aerospace and defense companies to custom manufacture products and scale their businesses while ensuring production efficiency.

Our Areas of Expertise in Advanced Manufacturing Development

  • Additive Manufacturing: ReLogic offers additive manufacturing with methods such as powder-bed laser printing systems, fused deposition modeling, and 3-D printing to produce complex and precise products. This results in products and parts that are perfectly designed and manufactured, reducing issues such as weight discrepancies, thermal dissipation problems, and other issues that are common in traditional manufacturing.
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Process Modeling: CMC process modeling allows the manufacture of complex materials, products, and systems for aerospace industries, such as gas turbines and brake systems. For example, CMC is required in order to enable technology for advanced aero propulsion, aerospace vehicles, space power, space propulsion, as well as space structures. CMC materials will provide reliability at high temperatures and provide thermal shock resistance, as well as resistance to corrosion and wear and tear.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures: ReLogic Research also offers dynamic analysis of structures to ensure all systems, equipment, and parts are in good working condition that meets the strict demands of the aerospace and defense industry. This includes analysis and testing for progressive damage, shock physics, and ballistic/hypervelocity impact.

Why Should You Work with ReLogic Research’s Advanced Manufacturing Development Specialists?

ReLogic is committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions to difficult problems. Our team is composed of multidisciplinary engineers, advanced degreed physicists, and technical staff with over three decades of experience in the field of mechanical design and analysis, power systems, high-temperature materials, microcontrollers, optics, and software development.

When you work with our advanced manufacturing development specialists, you will be able to experience: 

  • Greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs
  • Better quality and added value
  • Reduced material content and inventory
  • Reduced production time and greater efficiency

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