Advanced Modeling and Simulation

At ReLogic, we have years of experience in providing robust solutions to defense agencies. As existing defense needs grow more complex with growing and ever-changing needs in a volatile environment, it’s crucial to ensure that defense capabilities stay up to date using advanced modeling and simulation.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Advanced Modeling and Simulation?

In the defense and aerospace industry, it’s key to ensure performance stays optimal and this requires constant adaptation and efficient use of resources. Defense modeling and simulation provides a flexible and extensive environment of better understanding existing systems while finding ways to better improve and optimize these systems. Aerospace companies will also require advanced modeling and simulation to ensure that they identify potential areas to enhance, which will be crucial as failure to identify errors can lead to catastrophic mistakes.

Our Areas of Expertise in Advanced Modeling and Simulation

  • Finite Element Technologies Development: Finite element technologies development involves solving differential equations in mathematical modelling and engineering. This is important as many problems that arise in the defense and aerospace industry include fluid flow, electromagnetic potential, structural analysis, heat transfer and so on. As a general numerical method, finite element technologies development is used to solve partial differential equations with two or three space variables. This helps to analyze certain conditions, such as crash settings where it’s important to assess how equipment may deform in a crash, and so on. The analysis of this using finite element technologies is known as finite element analysis. Finite element technologies development can also be used to understand dispersion problems for ammunition and so on.
  • M&S Workflows Development: Modeling and system workflow development is the development of a workflow that incorporates defense modeling and simulation to meet the ever-changing defense needs efficiently. In modeling and simulation workflow development, a highly extensive and flexible environment is required to capture and analyze complex systems. Modeling and simulation workflow development enables defense systems to be tested and developed while optimizing support systems. In addition, logistical support systems can be maximized while exploring operation plans.  Eventually, modeling and simulation workflow development helps to increase performance while minimizing risk.
  • Optimization-Based Design Tools: Optimization-based design tools are used to provide a framework for modeling, simulation, design oriented to the defense industry. As the name suggests, optimization-based design tools help to optimize the designing processes, making it more seamless. It also helps to identify bottlenecks within the design process and reduce inefficiencies, and ultimately reducing the overall cost as well.

Why should You work with ReLogic Research’s Advanced Modeling and Simulation Specialists?

ReLogic is a positively reviewed company, having provided engineering services to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation and Missile Center Metrology Lab in 2017. Through our expertise and deep understanding of the defense industry, we help defense agencies to lower costs and increase efficiency. We have many renown customers that use our services, such as the Apache Project Office, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and so on. With many positive reviews from these customers, we are confident of providing the same top-notch service to ensure your agency’s needs are met.

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