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Engineering Design & Analysis

The operation of modern aerospace systems has become increasingly interconnected and multi-faceted. Today, engineering companies in the aerospace and defense industry face the challenge of adhering to stringent safety regulations by the authorities, meeting optimum performance levels, and the viability and reliability of aircraft designs. The management of document-based systems engineering involving modeling and design can be difficult, especially when global supply chain relationships and varying proprietary data formats come into play.

That is why engineering design and analysis have become increasingly crucial – to break down and analyze each component's operation, understand the reasons behind certain failure mechanisms, and bring them together to form a viable product aircraft design according to physics principles. Through engineering design and analysis, we apply scientific and analytic principles to understand the properties of aerospace systems and produce an interoperable and viable aircraft design.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Engineering Design & Analysis?

Aerospace and defense companies are increasingly turning to a range of different approaches in modeling to manage their product development flow effectively. Producing aerospace products requires a global supply chain and engineering design and analysis to cut down on the challenge of integrating numerous proprietary data formats.

During this collaboration process with suppliers, many companies face issues with replicability and interoperability, alongside the constant pressure to meet specific requirements under a tight production schedule. Therefore, model-based methods in engineering design have become the holy-grail approach for many companies in aerospace and defense.

We understand these difficulties all too well. That is why we use a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and solutions ranging from aerodynamics to data-driven modeling to overcome these challenges. From the conceptual design to the operations analysis to the sustainment processes, we implement various modeling methods in conjunction with the core systems engineering analytical techniques and principles to help you make the production of your aircraft design easier.

Our Areas of Expertise in Engineering Design & Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering: We dismantle and deconstruct components and elements of engines, systems, and aircraft structures to understand how to replicate their design. This is an option when purchasing a replacement is not possible.
  • Tooling & Fixture Design: We take care of the small details – we design the various work-holding pieces and tools that work together to support different aircraft design and system components.
  • Multi-Scale Material Modeling: We model and test materials using a multi-scale modeling method to predict system behavior in your aircraft structure at the macro, meso, micro-level.
  • Composite Structures Design and Optimization: We design the load-bearing equipment and tools to optimize the operability of your aircraft structures.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures: We calculate how your aircraft structures would interact with airflow dynamics to improve your aircraft design.
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites: We create a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) model in your aircraft structures to maximize thermal protection and optimize propulsion and exhaust systems.
  • Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling: We create a model of the carbon-carbon composites used in your aircraft parts and components.
  • Ultra-High Temperature Composites Process Modeling: We create a model of ultra-high temperature composites to reinforce the thermal protection systems of your aircraft.

Why should You work with ReLogic Research's Engineering Design & Analysis Specialists?

ReLogic Research specializes in various disciplines in engineering and can provide technical solutions to difficult questions using a holistic approach. Since our establishment in 2017, ReLogic has grown to a team of 12 people, expanding our capabilities to serve a wider range of customers and clients. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, skills, and perspectives brings innovative ideas to the table and creates a rich culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.

Beyond metrology and reverse engineering, we have capitally invested in our in-house equipment and extended our abilities into other markets and fields, such as aircraft weight savings, data system support, manufacturing technology, and hypersonic materials testing. We are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency, PEO Aviation, Test Resource Measurement Center, Air Force Research Lab, and many other clients in the aerospace and defense sector

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