Industrial Metrology

Industrial metrology involves applying the science of measurement to manufacturing and other processes to ensure the accuracy, quality, and suitability of components and end products. As a growing sector, industrial metrology helps to speed up tasks by leaps and bounds by improving industrial processes. This helps Aerospace and Defense companies to save time, effort, and funds.

Why do Aerospace and Defense Companies need Industrial Metrology Services?

Industrial metrology serves aerospace and defense companies by improving the efficiency and safety of their machines, engines, and other components. For example, optical metrology can help aerospace companies to optimize their turbines through precision manufacturing to ensure every aspect is manufactured according to optimum specifications. This reduces the risks of defects while ensuring lighter, safer, and more efficient aircraft.

Our Areas of Expertise in Industrial Metrology

  • Computer Tomography (CT): Computer tomography is utilized by industrial meteorologists as a non-destructive way to measure and inspect production prototypes and parts inside out without the need for complicated systems and processes, such as complex probe set-ups. CT is able to measure everything from small electronic parts to large automotive in order to check for flaws, without requiring destructive testing.
    CT is a groundbreaking technology that exceeds the limitations of traditional measurement devices and techniques. It is able to measure not just surface features, but also analyze the complete volumetric model of prototypes and parts to show a highly detailed report of internal features through high point densities.
  • Manufacturing Support: Automation design, implementation, and manufacturing become much easier with the use of metrology. Industrial metrology will be able to facilitate precision manufacturing by ensuring that each and every part conforms to specific requirements. With a highly accurate 3-D model, aerospace and defense companies will benefit from the reduction of expensive mistakes during manufacturing.  In addition, metrology software will also help engineers by offering a flexible tool that can be adapted to suit changing needs. Inspection of internal components will also be possible to facilitate quality checks, maintenance, and repairs of any defects.
  • Reverse Engineering: Over time, aircraft companies go out of business or cease production of older products. This results in difficulties in fixing broken components of older aircraft, especially those with niche designs. Industrial metrology can be used to engage in reverse engineering. By utilizing in-depth three-dimensional scanning and analysis, industrial metrology makes it possible to replicate aircraft parts that are no longer being produced. With an in-depth 3D representation of aircraft parts, additive manufacturing and other industry partners will be able to recreate an exact replacement to replace faulty or old components to ensure the aircraft remains in working condition.

Why Should You Work with ReLogic Research’s Industrial Metrology Specialists?

ReLogic Research is an 8(a) certified small business with a specialization in industrial metrology and all its aspects, including automation design and implementation, additive manufacturing, quality control, inspection, and reverse engineering. With extensive expertise and years of experience working with aerospace and defense companies, you can trust ReLogic Research to provide the most accurate, affordable, and efficient solution for any project.

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