Industrial Metrology


Metrology: the science of measurement.  ReLogic’s precise, accurate, and repeatable blue-light metrology processes critically enable analysis tools including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The 3D scanning and modeling process represents the first step in Reverse Engineering, and is used to detect and characterize blemishes and defects at the 10-micron level. ReLogic is an industry expert in analysis and design based on hyper-accurate and usable 3D scan data capture: the only way to perform quality control, 3D inspection, and parts design.




Finite Element Analysis , Structural Analysis, Additive Manufacturing Design, Manufacturing Trend Analysis, and more. 





With over 20 years of collective specialized design experience, ReLogic brings past performance in the design and manufacturing support of modernized wind tunnels, hypersonic components, medical equipment, and parts for military aviation and automotive platforms.  



Systems and subsystems engineering experience including hydraulic processes and control. Mechanical engineering to include design and materials testing.




ReLogic specializes in precision scanning and reverse engineering – metrology processes which underpin the manufacturing of obsolescent or hard-to-find critical military parts. We currently support the US Army Apache Attack Helicopter Project Office in performing reverse engineering on various systems including the Mast Mounted Assembly (Longbow Radar dome) for training hardware development. For the Utility Helicopters Project Office (including UH-60 Black Hawk), we perform critical inspections and trend analyses on additively-manufactured parts intended for flight. We provide the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Project Office with re-engineering of existing cast parts for the design and additive manufacturing of precision replacement parts.