What Is Automated Metrology?

Manufacturing processes have been improving in the recent decade. This includes the adoption of automated metrology, which is an efficient and cost-effective way of engaging in inspections. Other than quality-checks, continuous monitoring is also possible in regards to the manufacturing process and the systems involved.

Given the vast amount of data to be collected and analyzed in modern manufacturing, automation is a great way to support decision-making through the usage of predictive analytics. With automated metrology services, rapid-fire design or process modifications are possible through automated decision-making, enhancing the productivity of defense agencies.


What are Automated Metrology Services?

Automated metrology services are services provided by third parties to companies in order to inspect systems and components to predict failures. In addition, automated metrology services provide better connectivity and real-time, instantaneous monitoring to maintain and repair manufacturing systems. 

Automated metrology is easy to implement and will greatly improve current inspection processes. They will provide real-time data support such as machine uptime and utilization, statistical process control data collection, and other statistical process data. Automated metrology services are currently in use by various industries, including the medical, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

Why is Automated Metrology Important?

Automating metrology helps manufacturers to handle inspection and quality checks more efficiently by being quicker and more in-depth. A machine with 3-D scanning capabilities reduces operator error compared to physical inspections by trained manpower. This is especially the case in ensuring that products meet designed tolerance limits and the capability of overseeing and making real-time adjustments to the process. In addition, automation of the inspection process also provides cost-savings and reduced production downtime to provide companies with a competitive edge.

Automated metrology services will be able to provide quick support and provide necessary adjustments without impeding production. Defense industries will benefit from higher quality productivity for greater profits. In addition, the real-time data allows informed decisions about capital investments.

When are Automated Metrology Services needed?

Advanced metrology services are necessary for inspection accuracy and quality control in order to ensure efficient production processes. Automated metrology services improve the repeatability of the inspection process and allows quick maintenance and repairs in the case of deviations and defects. This reduces the risk of manufacturing poor or faulty parts that do not meet designed tolerance limits. In addition, automated metrology services also help companies to achieve greater existing resource efficiency so they can be shifted to other critical tasks. Overall, automated metrology services will reduce breakdowns, faults, and other accidents.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Automated Metrology Services?

ReLogic Research is a trusted provider of advanced manufacturing services, including automated metrology services. When you work with ReLogic Research, you’ll be able to receive benefits in production and quality processes in terms of increased throughput and saved manpower. 

Our automated metrology equipment and instruments will be able to integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing processes of aerospace and defense agencies to improve current processes and methodologies. Through our automated metrology services, you’ll be able to enjoy greatly reduced inspection error rates and analyze the performance of individual components through comprehensive data so you can maximize the performance of your systems and equipment. 

If you have any questions about our expertise in automated metrology, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Automated Metrology

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Automated Metrology

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