What are Additive Manufacturing Design Services?

3D printing has completely changed the way engineers and designers go about doing their jobs. While traditional manufacturing requires scale to become economically viable, this has resulted in unavoidable inefficiencies and great wastage of materials. From its name, we can see that additive manufacturing involves the addition of materials layer on layer, to ensure that there is no wastage. It is also a great way for companies to change how products end up with their customers in the purchase funnel, and allows for the manufacturing of products at a small scale.


Why is Additive Manufacturing Design Important?

Design for additive manufacturing is so important because it can remove the limitations that are present in mainstream manufacturing. Through this process, designers can break away from the constraints of geometry and rigid processes, allowing product design to be much more complicated, while simplifying the designing process at the same time. Research has also shown that for hypersonic vehicle manufacturers for example, designers are now extremely satisfied with the design freedom that they can enjoy through 3D printing technology. This has also enhanced the level of creativity at which they work at.


When are Additive Manufacturing Design Services needed?

This service is needed to bridge the gaps between the application of a product and its functionality. Since the link between geometry and performance is so strong, it is becoming increasingly important to plan for this process. Hence, we can now customize designs that were previously impossible. Through the utility of computer-aided design models, we can also share files much easier, and modify components of our products in a much more efficient manner. This removes the pressure on the supply chain and ensures that there is a higher chance in satisfying our customers.


Why hire ReLogic Research for Additive Manufacturing Design Services?

At ReLogic Research, we are all about innovation and creative technology. Leveraging on our 3D printing capabilities, we can help your company to achieve whatever you set out to do. As a company with competent professionals and dedicated employees, our mission is to deliver curated solutions in a timely way so that your company can reap the benefits of our hard work.
If you have any questions about our expertise in additive manufacturing design services, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Design for Additive Manufacturing

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Design for Additive Manufacturing

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