What Is NDE Technology?

NDE technology, or nondestructive evaluation technology is able to scan both homogenous and layered composite material for flaws by offering an in-depth view into the structural integrity of these materials. NDE technology is provided by specialists who have to meet code requirements. 

Although NDE is often used interchangeably with nondestructive testing (NDT), the two terms differ as NDE focuses on measurements that are more quantitative. For example, NDE is used to not just find a defect, but also measure specific characteristics of the defect such as its orientation, shape, and size. It can also measure properties such as formability, fracture toughness, and other physicalities.


What are NDE Technology Services?

NDE technology services involve inspecting and measuring parts without causing any damage. This includes checking for surface imperfections, leaks and other defects. If any issues are found, the components will be repaired or replaced. 

Some of the most common forms of NDE technology service are:

  • Visual and Optical Testing (VT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Radiography Testing (RT)
  • Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Leak Testing (LT)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (ET)
  • Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)

Why is NDE Technology Important?

NDE technology is key as a form of quality control and defect detection to ensure that structural components and systems function as intended in a cost-effective and reliable way. Compared to other technologies, NDE technology is capable of providing precise measurement of the size, shape and location of defects in composite materials. 

NDE technology is important for testing systems and equipment to ensure aerospace and defense industries in the United States meet the strict requirements for safety and performance. Certified technicians will provide NDE technology services for aerospace and defense industries to find hidden flaws in their systems and equipment. Using NDE technology, aerospace and defense industries will benefit from modifications, improvements, and enhancements to their systems and equipment. 

When are NDE Technology Services needed?

NDE Technology services are required by all aerospace industries for regular inspections and tests of their systems and structural components. Proper NDE technology will locate conditions and minute flaws that might result in reactors failing, pipelines bursting, planes crashing, and other troubling events due to deficiencies and faults. It is especially important to test new aerospace structures as well as aging aircraft to ensure that they function as intended.  

Why hire ReLogic Research for NDE Technology Services?

NDE technology services are important to reduce maintenance costs and operational risks while enhancing safety. ReLogic Research is a trusted company that offers advanced manufacturing, advanced technology development, and hypersonic technology development services to aerospace and defense companies. This includes NDE technology services. 

ReLogic Research has been providing support services over hundreds of engineering projects with clients such as Utility Helicopter Project Office, Apache Project Office, Cargo Helicopter Project Office, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Air Force, Army, Navy, and more. Our diverse team includes talented individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences in order to be able to solve all challenges and tough problems. When you work with us, you’ll be able to enjoy innovative, affordable, and efficient solutions.  

If you have any questions about our expertise in NDE technology, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of NDE Technology

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of NDE Technology

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