What are Parametric Modeling Services?

A key feature of parametric modeling involves the attributes which are interlinked and capable of altering their features automatically. This means that we can define whole classes for shapes instead of specific instances. Prior to parametrics, shape editing was challenging for designers, because modifying 3D solids required them to alter the height, length and breadth. By using parametric modeling, designers only have to alter a single parameter, and the other 2 will be automatically adjusted. Our services prioritize the creation of shapes so they can then be parameterized which is beneficial for product design.


Why is Parametric Modeling Important?

The importance of parametric models lies in their constitution. They are constructed via mathematical equations and to obtain legitimacy it is essential for them to have their basis on realistic project data. Parametric models come in two forms, which are boundary representation and constructive solid geometry:

  • Boundary Representation: With BR, a model which is solid will be formed through defining surfaces which form the spatial boundaries, such as edges or points. The object will then be constructed through joining the spatial point, and the majority of FEM (Finite Element Method) programs will utilize this procedure since it enables the volume interior meshing to be easily controlled.
  • Constructive Solid Geometry: CSG is responsible for defining models based on the combination of generated and primitive solid shapes. It utilizes Boolean based operations for the construction of models, and for the manipulation of three dimensional solid primitives.

When are Parametric Modeling Services needed?

Parametric modeling is indispensable in situations where 3D is preferable over classical 2D drawings. This is because it is capable of producing designs which are flexible and the three dimensional solid models provide a wider range of visualization. With superior product visualization, it is easier to start with basic objects that have minimal detail.

Integration is also enhanced with more downstream applications while lowering cycle time for engineering. Finally, the current design data may be reused for the creation of fresh designs and the turnaround is much faster which increases overall efficiency.


Why hire ReLogic Research for Parametric Modeling Services?

We are versatile and work with multiple types of software. Whether you have a large or small scale project or need modeling which is industry specific, our team can get it done. We also have experience with SolidWorks, which was first released in 1995 and has become one of the industry’s most popular parametric modeling tools. We can use it to assist you with mechanical based design applications and other tasks.

For more information about our Parametric Modeling services, you can call us at 256-713-7401 or fill out this online form.


Process Of Parametric Modeling

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Parametric Modeling

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