What are Reinforced Composites AM Technology Services?

Reinforced composites AM technology, also known as three-dimensional printing (3DP), creates objects by layering materials, one coating at a time. In general, this process can refer to any type of production that is based on building the object, however, it typically is used in reference to 3D printing instead of conventional methods like molding. This is in contrast to most conventional manufacturing methods which use subtractive manufacturing that creates the object by chipping away at the material.

Common services that are associated with reinforced composite AM technology are rapid prototyping, creation of customized tooling components, fixtures, and jigs, as well as boosting conformal cooling.


Why is Reinforced Composites AM Technology Important?

Reinforced composites AM technology is able to bring many benefits to the table that were previously hard, if not impossible, in conventional manufacturing methods. One of the largest benefits is that reinforced composite AM technology has been able to reduce the weight of each part. This is extremely significant as even reducing a pound can save thousands of dollars in aircraft design. On top of this, there is reduced wastage when an agency commits to AM technology. This means that there are even greater opportunities for cost savings especially since many expensive materials like titanium alloys are used in commercial and defense aircraft production. Lastly, AM technology is irreplaceable when it comes to being assessed as a developmental tool. It provides unprecedented speed in prototyping and the creation of spares and customized parts.


When are Reinforced Composites AM Technology Services needed?

AM technologies are slowly becoming the new norm when it comes to fabricating and building complex geometry composites. This makes it invaluable in many different defense and aerospace applications like heat exchanges, high-detail visual prototypes, manufacturing aids, and even surrogates for training. In essence, the reason why reinforced composites AM technology is important is that it is able to simplify the production for a diverse array of complicated designs.


Why hire ReLogic Research for Reinforced Composites AM Technology Services?

Here at ReLogic Research, we produce holistic and balanced solutions for all forms of programmatic and technical problems. We strongly believe in wanting to build an environment where everyone involved is able to commit to professional, technical, and personal growth. When you are working with us, you can be sure that our diverse team has superior qualifications and decades of experience to be able to best support your projects and processes.
If you have any questions about our expertise in reinforced composites AM technology, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Reinforced Composites AM Technology

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Reinforced Composites AM Technology

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