What Is Advanced Manufacturing & Prototype Support?

Manufacturing is the production of products through the use of labor, tools, equipment, machines, and more. Meanwhile, creating prototypes is a key aspect of the manufacturing process and helps to verify the functionality, engineering, and appearance of the product before it is produced on a large scale. If any defects are found, engineers and designers will attempt to fix the solutions by modifying the existing prototype or creating a new prototype. Prototypes also aid the engineering and design teams to market the product more effectively to investors or customers without committing to the full production costs and challenges.
There are companies that offer various types of support services during the manufacturing and prototype process. This includes ReLogic, which offers manufacturing and prototype services to defense agencies in the United States. Continue reading to find out more.


What are Manufacturing & Prototype Support Services?

Manufacturing and prototype support services are offered by third parties to a manufacturer. These third parties are equipped with specialized experiences, equipment, and competencies to support specific aspects of the manufacturing or prototype process. This helps companies to reduce costs and become much more efficient by streamlining the manufacturing or prototype process.
Common types of services include design, procurement and delivery of materials and parts, production, sub-assembly, kitting and packaging, quality testing, and more!

Why are Manufacturing & Prototype Support Important?

Prototypes are important in designing and testing out a product before it is officially produced for usage or sales. Often, support in the form of performance testing of the prototype, its components, and its materials is conducted to ensure the product is working as intended. This is particularly important in the defense industry where the precision of equipment, weapons, or systems is crucial to ensure tasks proceed smoothly.
Some companies that offer prototype support will help in the testing process for quality checking. Others may help in the creation and design of prototypes through 3D models. Manufacturing support via the use of industrial metrology also helps in the creation of precise parts so the end product is optimized.

When are Manufacturing & Prototype Support Services needed?

Manufacturing and prototype support services are almost always needed by any manufacturing company. This is because partnering with companies that provide support services results in greater efficiency and cost savings. It can be incredibly costly to invest in equipment and trained employees for each and every aspect of the manufacturing and prototype process, especially when it is a highly specialized area such as industrial metrology.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Manufacturing & Prototype Support Services?

ReLogic Research is a trusted service provider of manufacturing and prototype support services for defense customers. We are an industry expert in delivering advanced methods, automated in-situ metrology, engineering models, and analyses to improve your manufacturing process and prototype testing. We offer integration of complex flight test vehicle systems using live assembly and predictive component placement techniques. We also offer prototype and full rate production optimization and digital twin generation. When you work with us, you’ll be able to receive the most accurate and efficient solution for your project.
If you have any questions about our expertise in manufacturing & prototype support, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Advanced Manufacturing & Prototype Support

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Information Extraction

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Modeling Information

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Software Testing

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Purpose Of Advanced Manufacturing & Prototype Support

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