What Is Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling?

Carbon-carbon composites are manufactured by embedding an organic resin like phenolic into a fibrous carbon matrix. The material is then pyrolyzed or heated with the absence of oxygen at a high temperature. These processes are repeated several times until a stiff, hard, and compact composite is formed. They are used for heat shields, heating elements, load plates, and furnace fixturing. As a result, they are usually prohibitively expensive to integrate into the final product, despite their multiple applications in the thermal protection of aerospace and defense products.
More importantly, these aircraft or spacecraft components have to withstand rapidly changing temperatures and corrosive conditions in the atmosphere. Therefore, a physical and logical representation of these elements should be created to stimulate real-life scenarios and generate useful data to make important decisions. This is crucial as it saves high costs and time in the production pipeline.


What are Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling Services?

In carbon-carbon (C/C) manufacturing process modeling, we create a C/C composite material that emulates the function and design of these thermal protection components in aerospace and defense products. This process involves orientating the fibrous carbon matrix in a preform that meets the design requirements and features of the final component and is subsequently densified to create a composite material. Creating a model of these C/C components stimulates their performance in a real-life situation. As a result, we can observe and collect data that would save valuable costs in the manufacturing process.

Why is Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling Important?

Different aerospace components such exit cones, nozzle throats, rocket motors, and thermal protection systems made with C/C composites should have a model created to test their durability to withstand high temperatures and difficult conditions. As their performance and reliability in these extreme conditions are extremely critical, modeling is a way to emulate their final function. This would be beneficial to understand how they would perform under high-pressure situations. We collect and generate data that would inform you in creating a reliable and viable final product, saving you significant system costs in the long term.

When are Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling Services needed?

Modeling is a cost-effective way to predict your thermal protection systems' parametric and design limitations. Fatigue requirements and the high durability of your thermal cycling systems in high temperature and corrosive conditions are paramount to predicting how your final product would perform. Additionally, understanding how to reduce the stiffness and weight of these structures would help further to reduce the launch and operation costs in the long term.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling Services?

ReLogic Research specializes in various disciplines in engineering and can provide technical solutions to difficult questions using a holistic approach. Since our establishment in 2017, ReLogic has grown to a team of 12 people, expanding our capabilities to serve a wider range of customers and clients. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, skills, and perspectives brings innovative ideas to the table and creates a rich culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.
Beyond metrology and reverse engineering, we have capitally invested in our in-house equipment and extended our abilities into other markets and fields, such as aircraft weight savings, data system support, manufacturing technology, and hypersonic materials testing. We are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency, PEO Aviation, Test Resource Measurement Center, Air Force Research Lab, and many other clients in the aerospace and defense sector
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Process Of Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing Process Modeling

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