What Is Ceramic Matrix Composites?

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) are conventionally used in aerospace and defense applications for thermal protection as well as exhaust and propulsion mechanisms. They are recognized for their resistance to crack and fracture, as multi-strand fibers and monocrystalline platelets are integrated to increase their longevity and durability in high temperatures and oxidizing conditions. This makes them structurally viable for aerospace components such as gas turbines and re-entry thermal protection systems. In addition, they are a solution to the common fracturing and cracking issues posed by conventional technical ceramics such as silicon nitride and alumina.


What are Ceramic Matrix Composite Services?

The production of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) can utilize several methods such as liquid phase infiltration (chemical vapor), hot press sintering techniques, and polymer infiltration and pyrolysis. Polymer infiltration and pyrolysis are the most common way of creating CMCs as it produces less waste and prevent fiber damage. In creating ceramic matrix composites, we make a model as a physical representation of your structural heat shield system components using CMCs in your aerospace products. This allows us to see how they would perform in real and test various parametric constraints.

Why are Ceramic Matrix Composites Important?

The practical applications of CMCs are wide-ranging and can be applied in various aspects of aerospace and defense designs. In addition to thermal protection systems, they can be used for small weapons platform insulation, turbine blades, bulletproofing aircraft, combustion liners in gas turbine engines, and many more. However, to ensure that they perform at optimum levels, CMC models are required to understand the mechanical and technical properties of different aerospace components. This allows you to maximize the efficiency and performance of your components while reducing their parametric constraints and design limitations.

When are Ceramic Matrix Composites needed?

CMCs are crucial in helping companies develop the next generation of aerospace and defense products. Their lightweight material and high durability in high-temperature and oxidation conditions prove CMCs to be a frontrunner for a wide variety of applications in aerospace and defense engineering. In the services we offer to our customers and clients, we consider their properties, features, and the design limitations of your aircraft and customize your components and systems accordingly to meet your operational needs.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Ceramic Matrix Composites?

ReLogic Research specializes in various disciplines in engineering and can provide technical solutions to difficult questions using a holistic approach. Since our establishment in 2017, ReLogic has grown to a team of 12 people, expanding our capabilities to serve a wider range of customers and clients. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, skills, and perspectives brings innovative ideas to the table and creates a rich culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.
Beyond metrology and reverse engineering, we have capitally invested in our in-house equipment and extended our abilities into other markets and fields, such as aircraft weight savings, data system support, manufacturing technology, and hypersonic materials testing. We are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency, PEO Aviation, Test Resource Measurement Center, Air Force Research Lab, and many other clients in the aerospace and defense sector
If you have any questions about our expertise in Ceramic Matrix Composites, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Ceramic Matrix Composites

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Ceramic Matrix Composites

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