What Is Dynamic Analysis of Structures?

When designing aerospace products, a structural analysis will be required to understand how your design will behave with different aerodynamic aspects. These usually include analyzing and predicting the dynamic loads such as the self-weight of the structure, gravity, people, wind, and other forces that interact with the aircraft. Our team of experienced and expert engineers will help you understand your capability of aircraft design to utilize and consume fuel efficiently, which is affected by variables such as drag, downforce, high-pressure areas, and separation points.


What are Dynamic Analysis of Structure Services?

Using dynamic analysis, we can make logical deductions about how your aircraft design and systems will perform under high-pressure and dynamic impacts. In dynamic analysis, we calculate the amount of load based on time variation and their responses such as velocities, pressure, stresses, accelerations, and displacements. Additionally, we will be able to predict how your structure will function with different reason frequencies and mass participation in various modes to understand how real-life multiple situations and scenarios will affect them.

Why is Dynamic Analysis of Structures Important?

Complex aerospace products require advanced dynamic analysis methods to understand how they react with various dynamic impact scenarios. Our solutions include a holistic range of different modeling approaches such as multi-scale material, carbon-carbon manufacturing process, and ultra-high temperature composites to optimize the performance of your aerospace products in high-pressure environments. This is especially crucial in aerospace structures that experience non-linear dynamic contact motions and forces to ensure that your aircraft adhere to stringent safety requirements and function optimally in a high-pressure environment with minimal aerodynamic drag and limitations.

When is Dynamic Analysis of Structures needed?

Dynamic structural analysis can be used to find displacements and time history. If your aircraft designs involve loads that fluctuate rapidly and will cause frequent acceleration and decelerating forces, in that case, a dynamic analysis is needed to understand the effects that the various forces have on your aerospace and defense structures. Our expert team of engineers and researchers is experienced in dynamic analysis and will develop solutions to help your aerospace products perform optimally and overcome potential challenges and design constraints caused by aerodynamics.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Dynamic Analysis of Structures?

ReLogic Research specializes in various disciplines in engineering and can provide technical solutions to difficult questions using a holistic approach. Since our establishment in 2017, ReLogic has grown to a team of 12 people, expanding our capabilities to serve a wider range of customers and clients. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, skills, and perspectives brings innovative ideas to the table and creates a rich culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.

Beyond metrology and reverse engineering, we have capitally invested in our in-house equipment and extended our abilities into other markets and fields, such as aircraft weight savings, data system support, manufacturing technology, and hypersonic materials testing. We are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency, PEO Aviation, Test Resource Measurement Center, Air Force Research Lab, and many other clients in the aerospace and defense sector 

If you have any questions about our expertise in Dynamic Analysis of Structures, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Dynamic Analysis of Structures

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Dynamic Analysis of Structures

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