What Is Optical Metrology Services?

Optical metrology is a rapidly expanding field that uses light to set the standards of measurement. This innovative method utilizes the latest science and technology to provide precise measurements that other systems are unable to provide. For example, measurement tools such as the scanning electron microscope (SEM) fail in comparison to optical metrology as it is unable to measure height, while the stylus profilometer is unable to measure steep profiles and deep cavities. 

Optical metrology services are key in advanced manufacturing. They are important to defense agencies in the United States as they will help these agencies to achieve optimum performance from their optical systems. Continue reading to find out more.


What are Optical Metrology Services?

Optical metrology services will be able to serve defense agencies from the design process to the production and assembly of optical components and systems. It will also aid in quality checking and inspections.

Why are Optical Metrology Services Important?

Optical metrology services are important for dimensional measurements of components and performance tests of samples. These performance metrics include measurements for birefringence, surface roughness, and surface accuracy. These performance tests are important to reduce manufacturing defects and solve any issues before accidents occur. For example, optical metrology will be able to help aerospace companies to replace faulty parts and maximize the performance of all systems and tools. 

In terms of dimensional measurements, optical metrology services will ensure products and parts are designed and manufactured with zero defects so that they work without any issues. For example, optical tooling, or optical alignment, will help defense companies to create accurate and reliable dimensional layouts so their systems, equipment, and weapons function as intended. 

When are Optical Metrology Services needed?

Optical metrology services are required in the construction of aircraft and other vehicles to ensure that parts are manufactured precisely. Measurements will determine if an object is square, plumb, aligned, flat, or level. It is important for all components to meet precise measurements so an aircraft can be light, efficient, and free of defects. 

Optical metrology services are crucial for quality checking vehicles in order to ensure that all parts meet the industry’s tightest tolerances. Optical tooling is the only accurate way of measuring large objects, as mechanical instruments such as comparators are only able to measure smaller objects.

Why hire ReLogic Research for Optical Metrology Services?

ReLogic Research offers optical metrology services involving the development of inspection protocols, 3D Scanning and Inspection to ASME Y14.5, and surface defect and roughness characterization. Our optical metrology services will ensure that defense agencies have precision optical and optomechanical components so their systems and equipment function as intended. 

Our experts will provide a continuous feedback loop to ensure that throughout the manufacturing process, parts and components will be calculated and tested to the finest details to avoid manufacturing defects. We will help our customers in the defense industry to solve their technical and programmatic challenges by providing innovative and elegant technical solutions. 

If you have any questions about our expertise in optical metrology services, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Optical Metrology Services

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Information Extraction

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Modeling Information

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Software Testing

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Purpose Of Optical Metrology Services

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