What Is Reverse Engineering?

Also widely known as backward engineering, reverse engineering is used in aerospace and defense systems to understand how hardware is designed and created in these applications. This method aims to dismantle the products to comprehend how it functions and is often used to deduce the design features of the components and recreate them to be more durable and versatile. In addition, this method is often used to replace parts for older and legacy models of aerospace and defense devices that the manufacturer no longer produces – making this an idea life-cycle management method for components. In other cases, it is also used to improve on an existing or original product that does not work optimally and edit them to be more suited for the structural systems. 


What are Reverse Engineering Services?

Our reverse engineering services include several processes, such as generating CAD (computer-aided design) of the component you want to reverse engineer through a 3-D scan. This information collected in the digitalization systems from the scan can be used to display the part fully to understand the item. This 3-D model is then studied, analyzed, and inspected to understand which aspects should be troubleshot and optimized before reproducing them. Parametric modeling in reverse engineering surface modeling tools to distinguish the object's attributes by defining different families of shapes and simplifying the shape modification process. In some cases. Quick Surface Modeling is viable as it is a highly advanced 3-D modeling software that automatically produces polygon surface spatial data.


Why is Reverse Engineering Important?

As older aerospace and defense technologies undergo frequent repair, overhaul, and maintenance, reverse engineering is crucial in replacing spare parts in older legacy models that the manufacturers no longer produce. In addition, reverse engineering these components are critical for efficiency, convenience, and continuity as aerospace structural systems require these aircraft to function. This method is advantageous for aerospace and defense companies with no access to the original CAD files or find it difficult to obtain spares. Our team of experienced and professional engineers is highly skilled in this area and can help you replicate, optimize, and improve your aircraft components.


When are Reverse Engineering Services needed?

Reverse engineering services are usually required when improvements need to be made to a pre-existing design or an original or legacy product with spare parts that the manufacturer is no longer producing. These parts are essential to the aircraft's operation and are usually necessary for older products that do have existing CAD files. Therefore, reverse engineering is crucial to producing new and improved CAD data suitable for contemporary manufacturing methods. In addition, this is a cost-effective way of creating a model that can be replicated and recreated repeatedly for mass-producing critical components in your structural systems. Lastly, reverse engineering can also be used to understand why a product fails to function properly. Obtaining digital 3-D scans of the component can uncover faults, damages, and flaws in the design.


Why hire ReLogic Research for Reverse Engineering Services?

ReLogic Research specializes in various disciplines in engineering and can provide technical solutions to difficult questions using a holistic approach. Since our establishment in 2017, ReLogic has grown to a team of 12 people, expanding our capabilities to serve a wider range of customers and clients. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, skills, and perspectives brings innovative ideas to the table and creates a rich culture of inclusiveness and acceptance.
Beyond metrology and reverse engineering, we have capitally invested in our in-house equipment and extended our abilities into other markets and fields, such as aircraft weight savings, data system support, manufacturing technology, and hypersonic materials testing. We are currently supporting the Missile Defense Agency, PEO Aviation, Test Resource Measurement Center, Air Force Research Lab, and many other clients in the aerospace and defense sector
If you have any questions about our expertise in Reverse Engineering, feel free to contact us today.


Process Of Reverse-Engineering

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Information Extraction

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Modeling Information

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Software Testing

ReLogic began providing engineering service to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation.....

Purpose Of Reverse Engineering

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Legacy Parts Replacement


Parts Service Or Repair


Parts Improvement


Diagnostics & Problem-Solving